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The new management took over in 2019.

The changes that were introduced were mostly organizational with a strong focus on planning, realization and evaluation. With more planning and organization of work, we have reduced the costs of the materials and increased the efficiency of the teams. With preventive services, we have reduced the costs of interventions during the season and we had fewer parts to repair or change. Fewer costs, more income, and well-maintained boats became the new motto of TOP LIGHT.


split yacht charter

Services & Maintenance

We could not reach this far without such a hero team. Dedicated, collaborative and professional workaholic people.

  • Provision of office space (offices, warehouses and workshops) for the reception of guests.
  • Securing berth. The cost of the annual berth shall bear the boat owner.
  • Taking care of the regular maintenance of the boat during the season.
  • Control of navigation instruments and other el. instruments on board.
  • Regular maintenance of engine function (control of oil, filters, belt, impeller). The cost of necessary materials and parts shall bear the boat owner.
  • Reception of the guests with the attached identification document and verification in the Nausys booking system as proof of accommodation on board the boat, their check-in and check-out, and timely obtaining of the Crew and Passenger List.
  • Full control of the boat at takeover.
  • Cleaning the boat after each accommodation, filling gas bottles and providing cleaning supplies.
  • The wintering of the boats
  • Immediate response (intervention) outside the headquarters throughout the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The cost of the intervention will be allocated according to the cause of the intervention.
  • Washing sails with fresh water and storing them.
  • Control of sailing equipment and reporting to the boat owner on the required replacements.
  • Inspection of anchorage equipment and reporting to the boat owner on required replacements.
  • Control of safety equipment and reporting to the boat owner on required replacements.
  • Detailed cleaning of the boat with dismantling of the floors.
  • Regular ignition of the engine (minimum twice a month).
  • Control of all valves / outputs in the sea.
  • Constant control of the safe mooring of boats during the winter.
  • Preparation of the boat for the first accommodation (control of all equipment and cleanliness of the boat).
  • Preparation of dingy, deck winches, and change of zinc anodes without material.
  • Up to 3 hours of paintwork (no material).
  • Water tank emptying and disinfection.
  • Repairing and preserving the complete equipment of the boat.
  • All repairs and work performed by third parties.
  • Washing of blankets and pillows, maximum once a year.
  • Washing of mattresses (upholstered sponges), in the salon and each other cabin.
  • Maintenance of the underwater part of the boat (washing, oil paint); maintenance of gelcoats (flanks and deck, polishing). The cost of the required material shall bear the boat owner.
  • Control of the underwater part of the boat at the end of each accommodation.
  • Maintenance of teak decks.
  • Supplement the boats with dishes (bedding, set of glasses, set of plates, towels, etc.).
  • Internet service.
  • Service of fire extinguishers service.

Our team

Petricija Kuzmanić


Darko Kečkemet

Base manager

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